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Order bulk candy of all of our favorites.  Order before 4pm and they ship today!

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Bridge Mix:
A delicious mixture of milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered Nuts, Fruits and Cremes.
California Raisins:

Milk Chocolate covered Raisins are a traditional FAVORITE!

Double Dippers:
Milk Chocolate covered peanuts will definitely satisfy the "nibble" in your guests.
Scotch Mints:
Scotch MintsHere is a classy candy that will give you something to chew on. A hard, white, outer shell melts away to a chewy center. Mint flavored.
Spearmint Scotch Mints:
Mint with a kick! Spearmint flavored scotch mints for when you want to wake your mouth up.
Bulk Candy in a variety of flavors starting at 2.99 per pound..
Candy Coated Chocolate Mints:
Two favorite flavors- Chocolate and Mint. A hard candy shell covers a chocolaty mint candy.
Jumbo Jelly Beans:
The all time favorite Jelly Beans sized jumbo for extra pleasure.
Fruit Starlight Candy:
These candies come in a variety of mouth-watering fruit flavors and fun colors.
Red Starlight Mints:
red starlight mintsRed starlight mints are the classic peppermint treat.
Chocolate Starlight Mints:
The ever popular starlight mint with a chocolate twist!

Note:  Due to the weight of bulk candy, orders under $50.00 include an 8.95 low order fee in order to cover shipping and handling costs. Orders over $50 qualify for the free shipping.

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